From our inception, Sanderson MacLeod realized the need to ensure clients had access to the latest in brush making automation advancement. And, without an operational budget drained on catalogs, distributors, sales reps, and inventory carrying costs, Sanderson MacLeod has been able to invest heavily in twisted wire machine design, engineering, and production scalability. Recent Sanderson MacLeod automation breakthroughs include ZTip Laser machines, Auto stylet machines, gun and burr brush machines, stemming and assembly units and vision assisted, high-capacity auto treatment systems.

The Only Thing We Know
Better than Brushes…

is How to Make Them

Not only does Sanderson MacLeod know twisted wire brushes, Sanderson MacLeod knows brush making automation. We realized a long time ago that machine builders just aren’t brush makers…Good thing.

In addition to the latest commercially available twisted wire manufacturing equipment, Sanderson MacLeod’s focused approach to being a full-service provider includes designing, building and maintaining custom automation equipment. Our experienced team of company engineers, fabricators, toolmakers, and mechanics work tirelessly to develop the fastest, most accurate and dependable brush making, treatment, and assembly equipment.

Since we focus only on large volume, confidential OEM clients, our high capacity automation equipment is a critical component for ensuring our brushes don’t just look great, but can be dependably produced (by the millions) at a price point that will amaze you.

Closed Floor Policies…
Protecting Your IP Like Nowhere Else

Great ideas don’t come along every day. When they do, keeping the sourcing and methods of manufacturing confidential is vitally important.

For this reason, Sanderson MacLeod operates a ‘closed floor” manufacturing facility in order to protect the intellectual property belonging to both them and their clients. All manufacturing equipment is serviced in-house by our engineers and mechanics, keeping production running efficiently and on pace.

While others use 50-year-old methods to make and assemble twisted wire parts, we are actively automating processes, integrating robotics, and using state of the art vision systems.

Custom Automation Showcase


The largest risk for medical equipment damage can occur during cleaning with a brush that is inserted into the equipment. Traditional brush tips can fall off, sharp core wires can protrude from the tip, and the tips can bend and break. We solved these problems by looking outside of the brush industry and collaborating with experts in materials joining engineering.

In addition to this innovative design, we produce a brush tip with a mirror-like smooth surface, so the tip can’t fall off, the core wire won’t protrude through the tip, and the dimensions and orientation are always consistent. The ZTip twisted wire medical brush is created in one in-line, fully automated process, which reduces internal inspection time and costs.

Rosie Noble

Automation Almost
As Awesome As
It’s Namesake

When Rosie Noble retired after 50 years, we knew she was going to be impossible to replace.

When Rosie Noble retired after 50 years, we knew she was going to be impossible to replace.

After all, she covered almost seven miles a day walking back and forth in 14-foot lengths making medical stylets. We know this because of an inside bet that required her to wear a pedometer for a week. Goes without saying a lot of money changed hands that day. With that, one thing was clear to everybody.

People like Rosie don’t come along every day. But…

As Rosie’s retirement approached, we started thinking. Not about how to replace her (as if we could), but how we could apply our machine and brush making knowledge to help our operators work faster, easier, and more efficiently. You see, we don’t see technology advancements as ways of replacing good people. Rather, we see it as having an opportunity to give some of the most experienced and talented brush makers in the world some cool proprietary tools and technology to do their jobs even better.

Whatever happened to Rosie? Well, we still see her around town…Walking, of course. And we commissioned our new automatic stylet machine (“Rosie”) and celebrated the accomplishment of her career and our automation future with balloons, cake and her family in attendance.

While the machine bears Rosie’s name, it really symbolizes the dedication and hard work the employees of Sanderson MacLeod, Inc. have put in over the last 50+ years. Appreciating our past, learning from our predecessors and custom innovating automation for the future.

For Sanderson MacLeod, this sounds like a win/win all around.