Who Said Brushes Have To Be Boring?

Protecting valuable medical equipment and ensuring patient safety with protected brush tips has been around for years. Problem was, adding such protection was either very expensive, poorly made or both…Until Sanderson MacLeod decided to change the game.

The ZTip™ Prevents Equipment Cleaning Damage

Sanderson MacLeod has been an innovator in the twisted wire brush industry by constantly researching better ways to solve customer problems. When the company set out to fix flaws in medical brush tips, we revolutionized the brush industry.

The largest risk for medical equipment damage can occur during cleaning with a brush that is inserted into the equipment. Traditional brush tips can fall off, sharp core wires can protrude from the tip, and the tips can bend and break. We solved these problems by looking outside of the brush industry and collaborating with experts in materials joining engineering. We conducted hundreds of hours of research, trials, and testing to create a new manufacturing process that uses high-energy, fusion- welding technologies. The result is an entirely new protective brush tip that melts the brush’s preconstructed core wire into a consistent, smooth, and inseparable protective tip, known as the ZTip.

In addition to this innovative design, we produce a brush tip with a mirror-like smooth surface, so the tip can’t fall off, the core wire won’t protrude through the tip, and the dimensions and orientation are always consistent. The ZTip twisted wire medical brush is created in one in-line, fully automated process, which reduces internal inspection time and costs.

The most important aspect of the ZTip is that it will not create microscopic scars while cleaning medical equipment. By not creating scars that trap contaminants, the ZTip promotes medical equipment sterility. The ZTip is available for all commonly used twisted wire medical brush applications.

Color Me Beautiful…
Introducing the ZTip+

How do you take the world’s most advanced protective brush tip and make it better?

By adding a little bit of creative color, of course. Now, for the first time, Sanderson MacLeod proudly announces the ZTip+, offering the color identification and branding alignment previously only available from traditionally molded brush tips. Imagine…All of the variety, colors and consistency of an insert molded tip without but without the separation risks, production costs or tooling lead times of traditional molding.

We found a way, by adding color-coding to the tips.

Introducing the ZTip+, which gives you all of the amazing qualities of the ZTip and allows you to color-identify specific brushes for certain applications. By color-coding the tips, you’ll save time, reduce brush selection errors, and gain efficiencies in device cleaning.

Ready to get started?

Whether you have a current brush and want to take advantage of Sanderson MacLeod’s large volume direct manufacturing pricing or want to work with our team of engineers on a new design, we have you covered.