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Whether you have a current brush and want to take advantage of Sanderson MacLeod’s large volume direct manufacturing pricing or want to work with our team of engineers on a new design, we have you covered.

    What’s the difference between a great concept and a great concept that makes it to market?

    Plain and simple

    After years and thousands of projects we’ve developed, we’ve learned a thing or two about execution. Work with us and we’ll show you step-by-step the fastest, most efficient and flat-out most enjoyable way to make your concepts a reality. For more than 60 years, Sanderson MacLeod engineers have been creating twisted wire brush solutions. In-house tooling and equipment manufacturing shortens prototype development time and ensures product confidentiality. It’s easy to begin the prototype development process. If you have specifics about your brush prototype, including dimensions, you can contact us or fill out the form here to start the prototype process. Contact Sanderson MacLeod today to get started!

    Brush Prototype Development Tools

    Virtually the Most Advanced Brush Design Software In the World

    Utilizing software used by major motion picture animators, SanMac 3D produces realistic renderings of design prototypes that are easily modified. Less expensive and faster than traditional sampling methods, SanMac 3D’s virtual twisted wire brush designs provide 360° visibility and industrialization feasibility testing prior to prototype build outs…maximizing design creativity while saving time, money and unnecessary delays. Such technology, combined with Sanderson MacLeod’s nearly 60 years of brush making experience, guarantee your brush development project is completed quickly, on budget and ready for large scale production.